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If you've followed me for less than 4 years, you probably didn't know I was a professional cover designer in my former publishing life. When I stopped designing, I had people BEGGING me to create templates for them to design their own covers. I resisted for 4 years but FINALLY relented and had a blast doing it!

These eBook covers are easy to edit in Microsoft PowerPoint! If you have an idea you've shelved for years, dust it off. You never know how much fun you'll have implementing it. Oh, and remember, this is my monthly deal so it expires in 4 days... if you write fiction - or want to - for Kindle you'll want to check it out.
You asked for it, so here it is...
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Dear Awesome Author,

If you have ever struggled to create beautiful, attention-getting covers for your books... OR have found it hard to find no-strings royalty free high-quality images for your book covers, I'm about to be your very best friend!

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For the next 4 DAYS, I'm offering you a massive 49% discount on my Superpowered Fiction Ebook Cover Template Bundle, including 18 high-resolution eBook covers across 6 in-demand genres!
  •  3 Thriller
  •  3 Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  •  3 Romance
  •  3 Short Story/Poetry
  •  3 Action Adventure
  •  3 Mystery
Now, even though these covers were created for the 6 hottest fiction niches on Amazon - you are NOT limited to using these covers in only these niches (and you'll see why I say that shortly).
You are the first to see this new package - and when it is relased to the public it will sell for $97 or more... but you can save $50.00 and get the entire super-powered bundle right now for only $47!
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Here's a Sample of Everything You're Getting Right Now...
As you can see, this bundle took a lot of work to bring together, and our entire team are agreed in saying that it’s our highest quality bundle yet. 

You get the full layered Powerpoint source files, so you can use them as they are, change the words, change the fonts, adjust the colors, and you can even swap out the pictures (more on that below) to make each cover 100% uniquely your own! There are no limits to how you can use these!

I have had students ask me for cover templates many times before, just to have a "starting point" and, well... here they are!

There are no fillers in this collection, just a hall-of-fame style collection of 18 beautiful eBook covers that will make you stand out from the crowd and sell more books!
 Only $47!
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And if the $50.00 savings isn't enough cause to celebrate, I'm also throwing in ...
185 Bonus Images, a Full Training Video
and 273 Premium Font Packages!
If these 459 bonus gifts were sold separately, they'd go for over $450.00 ...but when you accept my special offer, you can have them free!

You'll also get instant access to...
BONUS #1-185:
185 High-Quality Royalty-Free Stock Images
185 Hand-Picked high quality, print-resolution no-strings royalty free images. Use them with your covers above, or any way you choose! Mix 'em, match 'em - it's completely up to you!
• 15 Thrilling Action/Adventure Images
• 33 Captivating Fantasy Images
• 23 Mystifying Mystery Images
• 36 Titillating Romance Images
• 20 Enthralling Science Fiction Images
• 19 Touching Short Story & Poetry Images
• PLUS, 11 of My Favorite Abstract Background Images
That's 185 (count 'em) high quality, print-resolution no-strings royalty free images
BONUS #186:
eBook Cover Editing in PowerPoint Demo Training
Most people don't know how powerful PowerPoint can be, so in this video I'll show you how to edit your book covers without the need for expensive or complicated graphics software!
BONUS #187-459:
273 Premium, High-Quality, TTF Fonts
As you know, I talk a lot about font choices, how to choose fonts, and which fonts will and won't work with your book covers and other projects.

But which fonts are good? Which fonts can you use? Which fonts should you avoid altogether?

I have assembled 273 of the most beautiful, royalty-free fonts I could find - and I looked through literally THOUSANDS of fonts to hone it down to the BEST of the best. You get all 273 hand-picked fonts.

Here are just a few:
OK, Here's What You're Getting Right Now...
18 High-Resolution Covers...
  •   3 Thriller
  •   3 Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  •   3 Romance
  •   3 Short Story/Poetry
  •   3 Action Adventure
  •   3 Mystery
PLUS, You Get 185 Images...
  •  15 Action Adventure Images
  •  33 Fantasy Images
  •  23 Mystery Images 
  •  36 Romance Images
  •  20 Sci-Fi Images
  •  19 Short Story and Poetry Images
  •  28 Thriller and Horror Images
  •  11 Abstract Background Images
PLUS, You Also Get:
  • The "How to Edit Images in PowerPoint" Training Video, AND
  •  273 High-Quality, Premium TTF Fonts
The normal price when I release this package to the public will be $97 or more, BUT you get ALL 18 eBook Fiction Covers, 185 royalty-free stock images, the "How to Edit Images in Powerpoint" Training Video AND 273 premium fonts today for...
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As always...
All your training replays ALWAYS available to you in your members area.
Allow about 30 minutes to receive your Welcome email and login information.
Terms of Use:
What you can do with the contents of this bundle:
 • Edit the templates, photos, add content, to your heart's content.
 • Put your personal name, business name, book title, etc. on any of the templates or photos.
 • Use anything from this bundle on your website, blog, newsletter, emails, etc.
 • Create any book covers you wish, including covers for opt-in e-books, reports, etc.
 • Use anything as a bonus for your other products/services.
 • Use as inspiration to create audio or video products, including audio books, etc.
 • Use as part of a class, workshop, program or any product.
 • Use to design book covers for others, including friends, family and clients (and charge money for it).

What you can NOT do with this bundle:
 • Sell or give away this bundle package in its existing state as your own product.
 • Sell any portion of the content through auction sites, dime sales or firesales.
 • Give away or sell resell rights or master rights (this product does not include resell rights).
 • Transfer your rights to customize these templates to your clients (give them the original PowerPoint files).
Refund Policy: Due to the astronomical value and the included materials which match
exactly the offer described on this page, no refunds are available for this package.
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